Friday, August 24, 2012

Updates on the 223

Well, it's been a while since we last posted about the 223, so here's what's happened during that long interlude. This is one photo-filled blog post, so hold onto your hats folks!

The cab floors:
The coupler cutoff bar:
Coal capacity extension boards:
Piping brackets: (the PVC is just a stand-in...the final piping will be real metal)
Lots of work accomplished...the tender is almost done!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More equipment security

A little update on the Rail Center and Utah State Railroad Museum equipment security:

Ogden City and the Ogden Police Department are moving forward towards installing cameras that will be tied into the Ogden security camera system, to catch vandalism while it happens. In addition, approval has been made to repair the fence along the back and side, which is very much in need of patching.
All of the broken windows have now been boarded over, and approval has been given also to purchase replacement glass to fix the damage.
The 833 hasn't been forgotten either. A few months ago vandals knocked down the rear storm wall of the cab, and the Golden Spike Chapter removed it completely to repair the hinges and door which were badly rusted. Work on the wall and door has progressed quickly, but in the meantime, plywood has been placed over the large opening to keep people out of the cab.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Improvements to the shop

Well, the restroom has been finished and boy does it look good! As mentioned before, in a nod to the 223's Rio Grande heritage, the walls were painted in the aspen gold and silver four-stripe scheme that adorned many of the D&RGW's passenger cars and locomotives.
Some close-ups of the decorations:

Print of a Gil Bennett painting of the 223 (which is for sale, by the way, on the chapter ebay page)

This shield was made by Jay, who was behind the improvements to the restroom. If the latin confuses you, it means "volunteer labor", an appropriate slogan for an all-volunteer, donation-funded project.

And of course, some golden spikes. This is Utah, after all, and the 1869 completion of the Trancontinental Railroad is as much a part of the museum's heritage as the 223.

Some have remarked that we probably have the best-looking restroom in any restoration shop in the country. While most of us have little to compare to, you just can't beat the four-stripe scheme.

But wait...Jay wasn't content just to work on the restroom, and moved on to build a mug rack for the coffee station! Thanks, Jay, for your help.