Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17th Worksession

223 Work: The baffles were installed inside the tank, at least temporarily. They will have to be removed to allow the contractors (whomever they may be) to coat the inside. A few more holes were drilled to mount hardware and part three of the water inlet has been started. For those that don't know, the water inlet has been the hardest part of the tender project because of its complicated forming. It is a roughly oval shape bent from a singel piece of sheet steel with a 90 degree flange on the bottom. The previous two attempts turned out okay, but were not perfect and had several flat spots. Hopefully this time it will come out perfect. Below, a team is drilling mounting holes into the flange before the sheet is formed:
In addition, metal screens were made for the windows of the rotary snowplow (OWR&N No. 900061), which were all knocked out by vandals during its tenure at the Business Depot Ogden a few years back. The hope is that this will keep transients out of the plow. Below, Andy (who is in charge of this project) measures a screen in preparation for "framing": a strip of metal wallboard corner that is folded over and tacked in place to allow a mounting surface.
The screens were stacked agains the 223's cab to wait for installation.

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