Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 1012 work session

Lots of work was acomplished today, so here's a quick rundown:

The cab floors have been cut out, so it was time for a test-fit to mark hole centers for the mounting bolts. Below, fireman's side:
Our fearless president weighs down the floor plate while our newest volunteer, Michelle, taps the center punch:
Blackstone Models, in exchange for drawings of the 223, provided artwork for the tender lettering. The final lettering will be made out of vinyl.
Meanwhile, our "Improve the Shop" project is progressing nicely. With the door fixed, work has progressed to the bathroom, which was badly in need of an upgrade. Jay Hudson, a member of the Union Station Foundation Board, suggested that it be painted in the Rio Grande's four-stripe silver and aspen gold that's what's happening!
For an example of the four-stripe scheme on an EMD F-Unit, click here:

And for something out of the ordinary, Bob Wachs, the chapter blacksmith, made a toilet paper holder out of spikes, in keeping with the railroading theme.

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