Monday, November 26, 2012

Chapter News!

Some interesting items:

First off, Frontrunner South opens December 10th, which is exciting for many because it connects Utah Valley with the rest of the Wasatch Front's rail network, and one can take the train all the way from Provo to Ogden. Great news, even though the interurban network used to run from Preston, Idaho all the way south to Payson...Frontrunner isn't anything new, but it is definately a welcome addition to the rapid growth of Northern Utah.

The chapter hosted an open house during the two visits from Union Pacific 844 in September. Because the 844 pulled into the museum tracks forwards rathern than backing in as usual, it was positioned directly in front of the shop, which attracted many people to see the work on the 223.

Jay Hudson, the man responsible for the restroom rennovation, has kept busy interviewing our current restoration crew, and has written short biographies that were added to the chapter website today - interesting stuff if you want to know more about the people behind the 223 project. The updates can bee seen here: Volunteer Biographies

On a more somber note, we are sorry to hear that Bob Wachs passed away Sunday, November 25th, of pancreatic cancer. Bob was the blacksmith of the project, and rode Frontrunner every Saturday from Murray to help out. His eagerness and smile will be missed.
Bob (with the hammer) making a bracket for the coupler cutoff bar.

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