Sunday, October 18, 2015

223 update: cab hardware

The project has reached the point where major progress depends on bigger tools. The largest aspect is removing the boiler from the frame to access the running gear - and that requires a crane. However, a cradle for the boiler is already being prepared and the shop rearranged to allow the entrance of the wheels when the time comes.

The stacks of ties to the right of the 223 are the beginnings of the boiler cradle.

The numberplates have been attached to the cab, and all hardware installed; there are only a few finishing touches left, such as the stenciled crew instructions on the doors.

The engineer's seat, which folds down.
Notice the knife switch. The white bar on the lower left holds the front doors open.

There have been big changes with the Utah State Railroad Museum as well, which will require a separate post.

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