Monday, February 13, 2012

History: February 13th, 1923

89 years ago today - February 13th - the second Ogden Union Station burned to the ground in a fiery blaze started by an unatended iron in a the apartment of a porter. Because of this fire, the current station was built.

Several members of the Conductor's Association have recognized that next year is the 90th anniversary of the fire, and the year after that the 90th anniversary of the opening of the current station. Thus, they are tossing around ideas for a year-long celebration of the events starting in February 2013 and ending on the week of the anniversary of the opening ceremony.

Suggested ideas include a "burning party" (no buildings will be harmed, of course), a special exhibit of photographs of the fire and construction, and an addition to the station website. These are all preliminary ideas, of course, and need further development. We do not know whether or not this will actually happen, but planning is still beginning.

In other news, UP 2001 left this morning, presumably to be reunited with UP 2002 and sent back into regular service.

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