Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Meeting notes

For those who were not in attendance at the February GSR&LHS meeting last night, or will not receive the meeting's minutes in the next newsletter, here is a quick recap of what was discussed.

The upcoming Hostlers Model Railroad Festival weighed heavily on the discussion, since this is the biggest event that the chapter participates in each year, the festival being held at the Union Station. We will have the shop open for tours on Saturday and hopefully Sunday. The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society has asked for a private tour on Friday, and it is rumored that the 223 will appear in a future issue of the Prospector...

The Hospital Car and RPO car will be open for tours as well. This will be a good show, so if anybody is in close proximity to visit please do so, and be sure to stop by the shop.

Joshua Bernhard told about two newspaper articles that he found in regards to the 223. One dates from 1890, when the 223 was nine years old, and tells the details of a previously unknown wreck that occurred just outside of Colorado Springs. The other, from Leadville, Colorado, and dated 1893, records the 223 being in that city at the time.

Our guest speaker was Tom Hudson, a concept artist and graphic designer who has done work on many famous roller coasters around the world. He also did the graphics for video games. Tom is working with the Union Station Foundation to create a series of murals to go in the blanked-out window arches in the old Postal Terminal building that is now the Browning Theatre. He has completed the conceptual art, which is based on the Train of Tomorrow and specifically the Moon Glow, which is in the museum's collection. He is now waiting for the foundation to find the funds to complete the project. The chapter received the idea warmly and all are in agreement that this project will be a good improvement for the station.

Tom also presented an idea that he came up with soon after he met with the chapter for the first time during one of our worksessions a few weeks ago. He suggests that he model the Moon Glow and other pieces of equipment in the museum's collection in hi-res 3-D, which will help in selling the idea of the restoration of the pieces to donors and supporters.

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