Tuesday, March 13, 2012

223 Update (March 10 Worksession)

Work is progressing on the 223. The water inlet is finally bent (the third time's the charm, they say) and has been decreed usable. This past Saturday the old inlet was dissassembled so the individual parts can be reapplied to the new one.

The old and the new: The one in the rear is the original, the one in front the most recent. The lid is original.

The holes in the top cistern plate have been drilled; now all that needs to be done is to cut the inlet hole in the plate so that the inlet can be riveted in place.

The Sharon coupler has been installed, and the brake piping on the side of the tender has been hung and only needs to be secured.

While all this was happening another crew was working on securing the ALCO rotary. Expanded Metal screens are being applied to the broken-out windows and doors to keep transients out until new windows can be made. In addition, the side door on what would be the fireman's side if this were a steam locomotive was re-hung on its track and locked.

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