Monday, March 26, 2012

March 24th Worksession - Riveting, water inlets and red paint

It's (almost) official - the tender is ready for painting. On March 24th the completed water inlet was riveted in place; the hole in the top of the tender cistern was cut the week before. With the inlet in place the lid was bolted down; once we get the tender air tank tested (hopefully it will pass; otherwise it will be a pain to get a new one) that can be mounted, and the interior coated.

The cylender sheathing was bent into shape, using the old-fashioned method of clamping it to a form (in this case, the actual steam chest castings) and hamering it to shape.
Meanwhile, out at the Rail Center, transient activity prompted one of the volunteers to close one of the side doors on Salt Lake & Utah 851 - and interurban milk trailer - and it was discovered that the portion of the door hidden by the wall still had its original "Chinese Red" paint. Samples have been taken for furture reference. The car is in bad shape, having suffered a fire, but efforts are being made to stabilize it and find a group that is willing to take on the task of restoring it.

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