Wednesday, April 25, 2012

223 Status Update

It's been a while since updating the status of the 223's ongoing restoration. Work on the cab floors has started, with new steel sheet to replace the badly rusted originals. In the picture below, the fireman's side floor is on the left, with the original laid over the top:
The fireman's side, looking towards what would be the rear of the cab:
The boiler tube braces have been installed on the inside of the tender (the orange is boiler scale; these were purchased used). This photo is looking down into the tank; once the interior is sandblasted, cleaned and coated, the top plate will be riveted in place to seal off this opening.
The coupler cutoff lever is being made based on the photograph that Jerry Day provided, plus on-site research done at the Durango Roundhouse museum in Durango, Colorado.

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