Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Door repairs

The restoration shop, otherwise known as the Trainmen's Building, is by far the oldest building on the Utah State Railroad Museum compound. Its exact build date is not known, but it first appears on Sanborn Fire Insurance maps in 1916, eight years before the current station building was built. At such an age it isn't surprising that things have settled, and for years the front personell door has been off center, so much so that considerable effort was needed to open and close it as it dragged against the floor.

The Golden Spike Chapter brought this matter up with the Union Station Foundation Board, who appropriated money to repair the doorframe. To help cover the costs, and as a thank-you for allowing the chapter use of the station facilities free of charge for our monthly meetings, the hat was passed around and the donations contributed towards the building funds.
 The white is a portion of the doorframe that needed to be replaced. New hinges were installed as well.

The door was planed as well, which allows it to actually fit into the doorframe when closed!

The repairs were handled by a contractor, a friend of one of the chapter members. The door frame was straightened up, old wood replaced, and the door squared so that it would close properly. Now it opens and closes with ease, and that ear-rending screech when it was opened is no more.

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